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Slavery, Civil War, Reconstruction
A Revolution, A Constitution, A Nation
Civil Rights Movement
Social and Political Change in the 19th Century
The U.S. and the World in the 20th Century

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The Certificate Program in the Teaching of American History provides training for teachers and prospective teachers that will prepare them to bring the latest interpretive thinking in the field of American History into secondary school teaching. This program has emerged as a central element in thinking that has been stimulated by "Teaching American History," a grant program at the Department of Education. Determined to make a contribution to the professional development of local teachers of American History, we think the best way to do so is to create an ongoing program that will continue to operate in the future. By building a long-term collaborative relationship between the University and local history teachers, a Certificate Program is a way to make a lasting contribution in this area.

The Certificate Program is made possible by support that comes to Binghamton University from this external funding and the Provost's commitment to support these collaborative activities after the completion of the grant period. Professor Thomas Dublin, of the History Department, is Project Director for the DOE grant and Assistant Professor Adam Laats, in the School of Education, is the Associate Director of the Center. Dr. Laats teaches the two-course sequence that provides a central component of the Certificate Program.

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