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Slavery, Civil War, Reconstruction
A Revolution, A Constitution, A Nation
Civil Rights Movement
Social and Political Change in the 19th Century
The U.S. and the World in the 20th Century

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These include after-school progams to introduce teachers to the program, curriculum-centered in-service and summer workshops for area high school teachers and librarians, and graduate-level, semester-long courses designed for high school teachers of U.S. History. The Program will provide "foundational knowledge" of American History in three general areas:

  • Democracy and Political Institutions
  • The Peopling of America
  • Social Movements and Social Change

This collaboration provides the resources to achieve its goals. Binghamton University has agreed to support an Assistant Research Professor to coordinate its new Certificate Program for four years beyond the grant period.

Broome-Tioga BOCES will assure the compatibility of the program with New York state standards and Broome-Tioga BOCES and SEHD will jointly provide extensive evaluation of the impact of the program.

In addition, we propose to use websites extensively in the project, enhancing teachers' knowledge about and access to foundational documents in U.S. History that are available on the WWW, helping teachers communicate with one another about their classroom innovations, and mounting exemplary classroom materials in U.S. History on the WWW developed by participating teachers to be accessed by educators across the country.

Through these wide-ranging innovations, this project promises to transform the high school teaching of U.S. History in the Binghamton area, and has the potential to contribute to the transformation of the teaching of U.S. History across the nation.

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