Peer Review Conferences
Description & Dates
For Summer 2010: March 30, 2011
For Summer 2009: March 27, 2010
For Summer 2008: March 28, 2009
For Summer 2007: March 29, 2008
For Summer 2006: March 24, 2007
For Summer 2005: March 23, 2006
For Summer 2004: March 19, 2005 and April 23, 2005
For Summer 2003: April 24, 2004
For Summer 2002: MAY 10, 2003

After the completion of a summer workshop, each participant prepares an individual teaching unit to be tested during the coming academic year and presented at a Peer Review conference on Binghamton University's campus the following spring. This is the capstone activity of the summer workshop. Participants will present their lesson to a group of "critical friends" -- teachers and librarians from both summer workshops, CTAH staff members, and other members of the Southern Tier educational community.

Please consult the lesson plan outline template and Peer Review presentation sketchfor more details about presentations. Briefly, the lesson plans and presentations should highlight the following items:
  • Objectives of the lesson
  • Learning Experiences/Tasks you are planning
  • Assessment tools to determine student knowledge and skills
  • Materials/Resources you will use
  • Connections to NY State Standards

The strongest individual projects will be published on this wesbsite for use by other teachers and librarians.